Attorney-at-law, FCIArb

Jan Bangert is mainly active representing parties in international and national arbitration and litigation. He further assists our clients dealing with foreign litigation, namely in U.S. Courts, and advises in contractual and transactional matters.

After a career in the hotel and catering industry, Jan Bangert graduated in law 1997 with the distinction «summa cum laude». He gathered further experience as an academic assistant to Prof. Luzius Wildhaber, the former President of the European Court of Human Rights, as legal counsel with a world-wide operating life sciences group and with the Swiss Federal Office of Justice before his admission to the bar in December 2001. He is a partner with böckli bühler partners since the year 2002.

Jan Bangert presides the Basel Bar Association, sits on the committes of the German-Swiss Lawyer’s Association and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, CIArb.

«Individuality, culture and character make our firm and our clients interesting. This is important to me because it breathes life into law.»

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Assistant: Esther Sobernheim

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